Day 120/365 😴 Today is all about! This is an online mattress retailer that sells nothing more than memory foam mattresses. Oh and some bed frames to go with those mattresses. These mattresses are folded or rolled inside plastic inside a box for your convenience. No more transporting heavy mattresses and no more stubbing your toeContinue reading “Day 120/365 😴”

Free Article Day 111/365 πŸ˜΄

Todays topic of discussion is audio. More specifically what do you listen to while falling asleep or while your in deep sleep or just waking up!? Myself personally I’ll listen to a fish tank or the humming of my ceiling fan. Both of those noises really lul me to sleep pretty easily. I normally wakeContinue reading “Free Article Day 111/365 πŸ˜΄”

Free Article Day 110/365 πŸ˜΄

Welcome! Today’s subject is all about food and drinks.  What you should try to eat before bed.  What you should drink before bed.  Also what time should you stop eating and drinking before you sleep? For myself I like to eat strawberries about 2 hrs before I go to sleep.  I’m not sure if it’sContinue reading “Free Article Day 110/365 πŸ˜΄”