Day 344 šŸ˜“

Sleep Wear

Have you ever wondered what you wear to bed if anything at all? What makes you bored? Do colorful clothes or dull blacks and whites make you less motivated? I personally will wear some dull clothes to bed. Anything from plain black, gray or white or any shade of gray in between really helps set the tone for me to sleep quickly. I know people currently like grey sweatpants and might put some woman in the mood if their partner wears grey sweatpants but lets be serious for a moment about sleep so we can also be serious about our health.

Colorful clothes tend to wake me up and get my attention quickly so at my age it really helps to have something like red to wear for the day or if its my day off then just a robe to get the mail, have coffee and read a book or newspaper.

Ask yourself what you want to wear to bed. Find out what is boring and makes you less motivated so you can find that melatonin faster and sleep quicker. Good Luck, Happy Sleeping! šŸ˜‡

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