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Night Shift Struggles

I’m going to highlight some struggles that come from working over nights. At this moment I don’t have solutions to all of these struggles but by sharing these collective opinions and real life scenarios maybe some other people will agree and not judge the bags under our eyes.

I want to highlight the Majority Rule. This means the majority of our population are present working the morning shift. This is a fact that can’t be contested. I am highlighting this fact because it plays the largest role in understanding why people who work over nights are constantly asked What’s Wrong?

Allow me to go into detail of some struggles that myself and people alike experience working over nights and also mention that there is little room for improvement while working this shift. There is always the option to remove myself from working over nights and move to a better well adjusted shift but who else will make sure the companies and people we love are safe and secure while they sleep? Without wasting any more time lets try to understand What is Wrong.

  • In order to keep a routine working over night, you also stay awake on your days off over night. ( Difference here again is day shift would most likely be up early as well on their day off, so Why Wouldn’t Grave Shift Also Be Up On Their Nights Off? ) Unfortunately working overnight there is a lack of population available to socialize while you are awake overnight on your days off. While working day shift there are several more options available to socialize on your day off. So it goes hand in hand when people ask us what is wrong…..well “I want to talk to you on my day off [grave shift] but you are sleeping, and you want to talk to me on your days off [day shift] but I am sleeping.)” This is a constant struggle, push and pull to be available for everyone while also taking care of ourselves.
  • Again I want to re-iterate that Day Shift is the Majority working shift while Grave Shift is the Minority working shift. I don’t even like calling it day and grave shift, I would rather use a number system and call it 1st, 2nd, 3rd shifts. However unfortunately the majority of population, society, the public work day shift. Likewise, the minority people working the 3rd shift will most likely be less healthy and end up in a grave sooner than anyone working day shift so the name is appropriate. Of course there are no studies for this and would be impossible to find any good data to prove this because no 2 people are the same, eating, drinking, sleeping the same. This brings me to the pity party. Working over nights for several years has brought to my attention that there is a much greater life to live on another shift and I am grateful for that and appreciate the people starting business every morning to keep companies moving forward. How come Grave Shift doesn’t get that same gratefulness, or appreciation for being the bodies that make sure the people around us, and the companies we work for; safe and secure throughout the night? I appreciate Day Shift but Grave Shift is also judged on their lack of knowledge, communication, and appearance. For example bags under their eyes while their bodies are in constant torture and torment over a long period of time not seeing the sun as often as people on day shift. Or how about the standard operating procedures that constantly change from day to day only on Day Shift and may or may not be passed along to another shift.
  • Yes we are exhausted 24/7. This is because we try to accommodate both our working lives and our personal lives with the same 24hrs that someone on Day Shift would also have available. (The difference would be if Day Shift was to go to work, then from there have dinner, and after dinner also attend a music concert at least 3 times a week, including the weekends, even the day before you go back to work the next morning.) This is where the exhaustion would start to take affect and people on day shift would feel the way grave shift feels trying to accommodate an entirely different lifestyle. The bonus to working day shift is you would still feel normal because you would have more daylight to play with, unlike Grave Shift because Grave Shift sleeps during the day. [This is the reason why I mention there is very little to no improvement possible while working grave shift]

So now allow me to inform you and summarize the high contrast of working Grave Shift vs. Day Shift.

  • Accommodations ( Time Management )
  • Tasks may or may not get finished in your personal life because you are sleeping during rush hour times. ( Feeling of Guilt ) This also pertains to feeling guilty for sleeping while being sleep deprived.
  • Lack of socializing ( Family Affairs )
  • Sleep Apnea, Taking naps, Asleep @ wheel. ( Health Conditions )
  • Explaining over and over to the same people your schedule. ( Normal Society Assumptions ) This is the Majority Rule that no one talks about because its not normal to the Majority Public Society to work over night. We are “supposed” to sleep over night.
  • Not knowing if you’re eating too much or too little or if you even ate all! ( Appetite )
  • Always feeling tired, Autopilot. ( No cure )
  • Judgement. ( Appearance, Knowledge, Communication. )

To sum this all up. There is a huge sacrifice working Grave Shift. Sacrifice of friends, sacrifice of family, sacrifice to taking care of yourself. This is entirely a different lifestyle unfortunately. Fortunately there are ways to cope and technology is playing a large role in dissolving the line between shifts. Examples include live chat with gamers or strangers from all over the world at different time zones. This is great for your days off but unfortunately when duty calls the majority of your work week will be desolate and in solitude unless you find a game partner, a work out partner, a partner to enjoy entertainment the same time you can. Technology is able to empower people working over nights from a distance. However in close proximity working over nights is still a very independent shift. You may find people working over nights happy on the outside but dead on the inside. We give and give and give but take nothing in return. Thankfully we can rid ourselves of the dead feeling on the inside if the people around us just understand where we are coming from. We have to set strict boundaries, consistent schedules, and make time to enjoy the people around but also take time to take care of ourselves ( The Majority ). [ What would this world look like and feel like if the Majority of the Public worked through the night instead of the daylight? ]

We can really shine Over Night by taking care of our appearance, communicating over long periods of time, educating and updating ourselves and enjoying as much entertainment on the weekends as we can. [ Finding events or activities to attend on our weekend can help with socializing and fitting into the Normal Society of Day Shift ]

Please don’t judge the bags under our eyes and respond when you can so we know we aren’t staying awake for nothing.

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