Day 256 😴

Time. How much time do you work? How much time do you rest/sleep? How much time do you take for yourself? I’m going to introduce my own 24 hour schedule and break it down what a regular work day is. My weekends are much different but I can write about that another time.

10hr – 8hr – 6hr Rule = 24hrs.

I work about 10 hours a regular day including travel. I rest or try to sleep for 8 hours a day and try to take 6 hours for myself. Time for myself includes eating, hygiene and any other various tasks inside or outside the house that must be done. I know this will be controversial because my priorities are not the same as others. This is my personal recommended rule for splitting up your 24hr work day. This doesn’t have to be followed one hundred percent and most likely never will because distractions are always popping up around the corner unannounced. I can confidently say getting more rest or at least close to equal parts of work and rest that you will feel better and better. Most people I speak too get an average of 4 to 6 hours of sleep. This is absolutely insane when you consider the amount of time you let your body rest compared the amount of time you keep your body awake burning energy. Even if you burn little energy all day long so you can sleep less hours you body isn’t given enough time to heal. To make matters worse some people will burn even more energy by working out after or before there regular shift of work. I personally don’t agree with this unless you are consistently able to get a full 8hrs of rest to recover. Otherwise what you are doing is burning exponential amount of energy and possibly getting less rest not allowing your body to recover as quick as possible. I truly believe that rest is more important than exercise. Don’t get it twisted, work must be done. The point of this article is to balance your work / personal life time. If you work a lot; eat good amounts of food and also rest a lot. If you do little work, don’t eat as much food and you may feel your body not wanting to go to sleep, or maybe not stay asleep. Once you find a comfortable feeling try to maintain what ever your doing to obtain that comfortable feeling again. This is in no way shape or form enabling you in a horrible way. You should feel good, everyone should feel good. So don’t beat yourself up endlessly. Work but don’t work too hard, sleep but don’t sleep too long, do what you want with the little time you have left over.

Happy Sleeping! 😇

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