Day 224 😴

Today I want to express something important. The ELEVATION OF YOUR BED. I have acid reflux like the rest of the 20% of Americans. It is suggested by many medical professionals to elevate your bed at least 6 to 8 inches where you lay your head. This works excellent for me. The idea is that while you are sleeping gravity naturally works with your stomach to relieve any congestion and preventing any stomach acid or food coming back up into your throat. I already have a wedge pillow on my blog that you can purchase to also help with this elevation change however I personally recommend making the whole head of your bed higher than the foot of your bed. This allows side sleepers to lay comfortably without the use of a bed wedge. If you don’t have any options available to raise the head of your bed then purchase a bed wedge cheap at Walmart. If you are not sure if your bed is level or elevated find someone who has a level or purchase one from your local hardware store. Give your a bed a level check so you can sleep easily and wake up refreshed! This cost you little to nothing even on a budget so why not try? Happy Sleeping! 😇

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