Day 181 😴

Today I found a nice candle 🕯️ to share.  It is purple and has white letters and I would personally say it’s a medium size candle.  I tried looking to see who makes the candle but it is just described as a Walmart item.  Under the candle says made in Vietnam.  This candle is identified as RELAX.  It includes scents of lavender + jasmine + chamomile.  This candle is also created from a blend of 2 materials, coconut and wax. 

I used this candle last night.  I was getting ready to sleep doing my normal routine of brushing my teeth and shaving and taking a shower and let it burn so I could smell it before I sleep.  I could definitely smell the lavender in this candle. I blew out the candle before I went to sleep for no worry of starting a fire while getting some rest. I will definitely keep this candle and even grab another just for the scent. This is definitely a relaxing aroma and I slept very well. I would highly recommend looking into these relaxing candles at Walmart. These are in the bedding section where you fill find pillow shams as well. I’ll leave a link down below so you can browse the different scents they offer.

15oz Scented 2-wick Spa Candle – Relax

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