Day 170/365 😴

I ordered my first sleep product for review! This is called the ANVO Memory Foam Pillow sold @ Amazon! This pillow is super soft! It is ergonomic with 2 heights for side sleepers and back sleepers! The color is white with blue lines and is easily washable. Wash w/same colors. This pillow is highly rated and I highly recommend checking this pillow out on Amazon. ANVO doesn’t just do pillows. They have several comfortable stylish home products including pillow cases, bath towels, and bedding materials. I paid $40 for this pillow and like the manual states it does take time to work affectively because for years your neck was aligned a different way. This pillow will flex with your neck helping your spine and allow you to stay asleep longer because you will be more comfortable.

What is your preference of pillow? Firm, medium, soft? I personally enjoy a firm pillow so I may ask ANVO to trade in this soft pillow for a more firm one. Oh ya, ANVO will customize your home products like this pillow to your preference. Don’t hesitate to let them know your preference. Nobody is the same so why should we all be stuck to one size fits all?

Here is the link incase you want to purchase one!

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