Day 129/365 😴

Sweet Treat Sweet Dreams

I am sharing how powerful specific foods are to help you sleep.  In this case I have a picture of real raspberries inside peach yogurt.  The raspberries give off a tart flavor while the peach gives off a sweet flavor.  This is a great combination for myself and doesn’t take me much time to fall asleep.  It’s also a small snack rather than a large meal before bed so it doesn’t sit heavy or make me uncomfortable.  Be conscious of what you eat before bed and find out what foods settle well with you.  I hope you see this as an adventure and find the right foods that suit you.  Eating a bunch of great foods only to spoil them with the foods that don’t like your stomach will make you uncomfortable.  I hope you enjoy your food and enjoy your rest.  Happy Sleeping.  Good night!

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