Day 116/365 😴


Today’s topic is mattresses!

There are so many different mattresses now and everybody has their own preference so this could be a long article but I’ll keep it short and sweet like a nap.

You have to decide how much your willing to spend or just got window shopping and find out what an average price is for a decent quality mattress and then pick one for yourself.

I personally love getting mattresses at my local big lots. They are cheap. However for the price you are getting a very decent product! They even come with warranties if your scared to buy a cheap mattress. I really like the feeling I get when I go shopping for a new bed. It gives me a warm cozy feeling because I know I’ll get a refreshing nights sleep with a new firm mattress! You can also got to more expensive places like you will find more durable and comfortable products however you will pay more for these. Find out what your preference is before you buy. I mean you will be using this 1/3 of the time for at least 5 years so take some time and make sure you are comfortable.

Here is a video to listen to and a picture of what some of the mattresses look like at big lots. Don’t hesitate to let me know what makes you comfortable and how your shopping experience went. Then 5 years from now I’ll ask you the same question to make sure you are keeping yourself comfortable.

Happy sleeping. Good night!

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