Day 114/365😴

Tonight’s sleep topic is taking Zzzquil! Many people for years have taken dayquil or nightquil as a medicine to fight colds. Zzzzquil is here for us to now fight the urge to stay awake.

Using something like this to fall asleep has to be moderated basically based upon someone’s weight or other health factors so use sparingly or in low dosages to start with just to see how your body will react to it.

I will be trying this tonight after I run to Walmart for groceries. This is something I can use every night if I really want to with almost no side affects. I’m attaching a link down below so you can order some or pick some up for yourself. If you go to Zzzquil website you will see multiple varieties of flavors and even non alcohol form. If your curious how to get even better sleep they also have an article available with hints for a more restful sleep. I hope you enjoy Zzzquil responsibly and sleep happy. Good night!

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