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Today’s subject is all about food and drinks.  What you should try to eat before bed.  What you should drink before bed.  Also what time should you stop eating and drinking before you sleep?

For myself I like to eat strawberries about 2 hrs before I go to sleep.  I’m not sure if it’s the sweetness or the juice in the strawberry but it really keeps me neutral going to bed.  It doesn’t make me anxious and want to do things but doesn’t cause me to be weak or drowsy either.  It’s a nice neutral food that allows me to sleep peacfully.

After doing some research some experts consider a kiwi to be the best sleepy food.  I love kiwi and have no problem consuming a couple of these in one sitting but kiwi doesn’t have the same affect a strawberry has on me.  

If you find what food works for you let me know and don’t hesitate to contact me or comment on this post what your favorite night food is before bed.  Even if your sleeping halfway through the day.

One thing I want to share before drinks is the time you eat before bed.  Not many people will put this into consideration but professionals consider a 4 hr give or take time frame to stop eating especially if it’s a big meal like dinner.  So to prepare yourself for a good night’s rest consider the amount of food and  what time you plan to sleep.  If it’s a large meal give yourself more time, and small meals vice versa. 

The last thing to touch base on is drinks.  The most neutral thing you can drink would be water, but filling up on too much water before bed will obviously wake you up with an urgency to go pee so don’t over do it.  Now some experts believe some milk, especially warm milk will do the trick almost everytime.  I don’t want to speak for everyone but I’m sure this could work for several people.  I personally have grown out of the milk before bed habit because I feel a little intolerant to milk so it actually gives me more urgency to pee and feeling like an air pocket in my stomach.  No matter what you drink it is also important to understand how much you should intake before going to sleep.

You really have to feel out what foods and drinks will help you start falling asleep sooner and then consider the time before sleep as well.

If you have any drinks or foods or have a different time frame for your sleep habits leave a comment and let’s help everyone figure out how to get to sleep sooner, longer and recover faster.

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