Day 108/365 😴


Today’s sleep secret is melotonin gummies! I’m attaching a link down below so you can pick some up for yourself! If you read the reviews most of the time these will work for people but for some people this has no affect. I’ve tried myself and worked wonders. Overtime the dosage may need to be increased so I would start off with a low dosage and go from there. Nobody wants to become immune melotonin then have to find the next best thing.

I’ve asked several people including friends and family if melotonin works for them. Depending on the person, they take several different amounts of dosages. Some people only take one gummy while other people several gummies. This is a safe way to go sleep and works for me at a low dosage.

If anyone uses these melotonin gummies or are trying them for the first time please leave a review and let me know if they worked for you! Don’t hesitate to contact me with other varieties of melotonin that work for you!

Like any medication strong or weak enjoy responsibly. Good night!

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