Day 105/365 😴

Hot & Cold pack

Congratulations! This is one of my secrets to sleeping on grave shift!!! For $10 or less you can pick up one up here.

I freeze this ice pack. Then I find a thin cloth like a wash cloth or a shirt or anything that is a thin fabric and wrap the ice pack up in it. For this to work for myself I have to sleep on my stomach. I place the ice pack on the back of my neck and turn my head to one side or the other. As the ice pack slowly warms up it conform to your neck and you feel the cooling sensation. When you feel the cooling sensation your mind will slow down and not think about things as often or get often ideas popping into your head as fast. This isn’t a cure all so your mind still has the ability to race naturally however this will naturally give you less things to think about and even helps with congestion if your overheating. Give it a try and let me know if this works for you! I know some people sleep on their side or on their back so any alternative to this might work as well!

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