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This website is dedicated to all the exciting things related to sleep on Grave Shift, weekend’s, and any thing few and far between working overnight to get better rest.  What do you use to help you sleep during the day?  Do you have any pet companions that help you sleep?  What foods do you eat while working this shift.  What activities do you practice before going to bed like brushing your teeth or reading a book? Do you use a security blanket like a stuffed animal? Do you listen to any good YouTube audio like crickets or outside noises to help you fall fast asleep?  If you have any exciting news to share or any new ideas to fall asleep don’t hesitate to contact me below.    Happy Sleeping! 😇

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My first attempt @ making a blog. for the true workers that stay up overnight.

Day 344 😴

Sleep Wear Have you ever wondered what you wear to bed if anything at all? What makes you bored? Do colorful clothes or dull blacks and whites make you less motivated? I personally will wear some dull clothes to bed. Anything from plain black, gray or white or any shade of gray in between reallyContinue reading “Day 344 😴”

Day 259😴

Night Shift Struggles I’m going to highlight some struggles that come from working over nights. At this moment I don’t have solutions to all of these struggles but by sharing these collective opinions and real life scenarios maybe some other people will agree and not judge the bags under our eyes. I want to highlightContinue reading “Day 259😴”

Day 256 😴

Time. How much time do you work? How much time do you rest/sleep? How much time do you take for yourself? I’m going to introduce my own 24 hour schedule and break it down what a regular work day is. My weekends are much different but I can write about that another time. 10hr –Continue reading “Day 256 😴”